Friday, August 10, 2012


"Let every man regard us in this manner as Sons of G-D and Stewards of the Mysteries. Moreover, it is required of Stewards that they are found trustworthy".

A steward is one who manages a house.  They dispense what the house needs for proper maintenance and the efficient administration of that house.  The Elect are stewards and administrators of the Eternal Gospel and have been entrusted with the Mysteries of and Revelation of the Kingdom.  The Elect are commanded to be Wise Stewards over that of which has been revealed and given unto them.  They have been given the awesome responsibility to release these Mysteries in accordance with Truth as revealed through Spirit.  We do NOT have the prerogative or authority to release independently of Revelations or the Perfect Counsel of the Creator.

These truths can only be grasped through the Spirit and the Christ Mind as Spirit touches Spirit.  All believers will be held accountable for what they hear. All who release the Gospel will be responsible for what they say.  Do not think that one can say anything and will not be held culpable for what they say.  On The other hand, do not think that G-D will not hold one responsible to hear and obey Truth. We all will be held accountable for every word that we speak.  In contrast, everyone who hears the Word of Truth rejecting it or is disobedient to it, there is a cost for rejecting this favor and grace. The Creator has given mankind the ability and capacity to speak into existence the very things that we experience within our lives and to change our destinies.  Our words have power and will render unto us positive results or negative results.

Many have followed after and indulged in gross immorality and have gone after strange flesh. They reject Divine Authority and revile angelic majesties grieving the Spirit.  They despise the things of YHVH, which they do not understand and the things they know by instinct and their intellect, they accept like unreasoning beasts.  It is by these things they destroy themselves.  Jude says woe to them! They have gone the way of Cain and for pay, they have rushed headlong into the error of Balaam, they care only for themselves; they follow after their own lusts; they speak arrogantly, flattering people for the sake of gaining an advantage.  Therefore, to those who has caused the people to error that it shall be night unto you!

Do not say unto yourselves that Balaam was a so-called Old Testament concept that Israel was guilty of idolatry and adultery.  The concept of divination is alive and well within the churchy System still today.  In Revelation 2:12 in the messages to the churches, the True and Faithful says, “I have a few things against you, because you have some who hold the teaching of Balaam who kept teaching Balak to put a stumbling block before the Sons to eat or feast on things sacrificed to idols and to commit acts of immorality… (You) Also have some who hold the teachings of the Nicolaitans.”  How many knows that these very subtle acts referred to are still being adhered to in the church only under different names?  Christianity has been infiltrated with the idolatries of traditions from years of compromise and influences of Catholicism, which is the major form of or Fathers of Christianity.   Protestant Christianity are dissents from the Catholic Church, however, She took some of the pennants and traditions of Her old way of life including Her gods into Her new found Religion of Christianity today!  G-D is still calling His people out of Her.

Now, if one does not know what these acts of spiritual adultery, idol worship and immorality are, how can they teach against them?  How can they themselves come from under the judgment of spiritual death that will surly come as a result of their fornications?   These are the acts that render one incapable of service to the people. Ignorance of the Laws, Ways, Order and Authority are no excuse for the flagrant abuse of Truth and teaching people error.  Ignorance of these is no excuse for ones actions or lack of positive teachings and demonstrations of Truth.  The Elect has been charged to tear down those walls and to come against every principle and imagination that is out of line with the Namesake and Integrity of the Divine Creator!  The Elect know what things are lawful.  The Elect obeys the Law.  The Elect has been given the Secrets that keep from defiling the Temple of which we are. The Elect will always walk in and take the Higher path.

It was the Creator who makes His Ministers a Flame of Fire. It is the untainted Word coming forth today that will burn off the dross and all impurities from the hearts and minds of man. The Elect has been chosen to speak and release Divine Wisdom in a mystery and the hidden wisdom which was predestined from the beginning of time for such a time as this.  These Mysteries were designed to bring the people back into a right relationship with the Father and into their full inheritance as Sons.

Therefore, we receive the things freely given to us for everyone who searches finds.  This hidden wisdom will not be found in words taught by human wisdom or intellect but this wisdom is taught by Spirit combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.  Spiritual things are spiritually discerned.  Those who walk in the flesh cannot understand those things of the Spirit.  Neither can they accept them because flesh and blood cannot enter into the heavenly realm.  The flesh with human knowledge is enmity against YHVH.

It is the flesh and those who peddle the traditions of an apostate church who fight against Truth, Divine Order, Divine Authority and without a doubt those of whom has been Delegated Authority.  It is those who insist that the Old Testament and the Law contained within its pages are not valid for us and our lives today that are the blind who leads the blind. It is those who get hung up on color, on gender, on doctrine on this and on that who falls into disobedience and the traps of sectarianism, which ultimately lead to their death!  Therefore, they cannot grasp life! These blind and death guides keep the children in bondage and religious slavery eating the dainties and drinking from the cup of indecision and confusion of Babylon that distorts the thinking process.

When ones capacity to think clearly is distorted, it keeps them from receiving and obeying the things of the Divine Creator that would bring them into right thinking and actions.  If someone thinks they have arrived or if they think they are walking the right way, there is no need for them to seek the True Way.  As a man thinks within his heart so is he.  This is why Saint Paul admonished the people to put on the mind of (a) Christ.  This anointed mind is what touches Spirit and taps into the spiritual realm as the Spirit helps to rid one’s mind freeing it from the clutter that keeps the mind from being renewed!

Only the Elect, after reaching a certain Spiritual level that are unblemished, without spot or wrinkle will be granted access into the Holy of Holies.  Do not be fooled!  Those who are flawed cannot minister before YHVH G-D!  Yes the ‘Veil’ was removed granting all the Saints prayers access to the  Holy Place and are represented as the Bowl of Incense, which stands before the entry way of the Most Holy Place.  The Veil represents crucifixion of the flesh.  Only those who have died to their own sinful nature, ego, self will, mind and emotions; those who have been resurrected into life, walking in the Principles of the Kingdom in Divine Union as a Christ, will be bidden to enter.

Merely because the Veil was removed this does not mean that all have access or can go into the Most Holy Place.  The Veil was not there to separate us from the Creator per se.  The Veil was to protect us from the Awesome Shecanniah Glory because we are flesh and were (are) imperfect and blemished!  The Veil was rent because the Christ paved the way for us to have direct access into the Most Holy Place.  Once we have been through what I call the dismantling process and have been through that, which is necessary to become as our perfect example is, a Perfect Sacrifice without spot or wrinkle, those Preordained Elect will be granted access into the Holy of Holies!  This process includes a death, Resurrection into Life, Crucifixion of Flesh, Restoration of Mind, and Divine Union.

We must know that those things of the Hebrew Scriptures such as the Tent of the Tabernacle was a shadow, a replica an example and a means to show us how to travel through this life to be restored back into the Image and a Perfect Likeness!  Have you not read in the Scriptures that you are gods? All things in the Hebrew Scriptures pointed to and were given as an example of how we can live in Heaven right here on earth and how to put ourselves in position to receive our full inheritance as the Inheritors Now!  Christ said NOW IS the Kingdom!

Many of today dwell with the Masses. The Masses are the saved who dwell in the Outer Courts. Many who call themselves leaders of the people have not even made it past the Outer Courts and are quite content where they are.  Most often, they are unaware of where they are and will more than likely tell you how mature they are or they have known the way for years.  This very well may be, as everyone reaches perfection at their own level and for their purpose. However, for one to think they know and to think that they have arrived, they have limited themselves and the work of Spirit in their life.

Many of those who have made it into the Inner Courts are still hugging onto the Horns of the Alter of Sacrifice or of burnt offering because they are not willing to die to their self-will, ego, mind and emotions.  They give credence to a spiritual enemy they have created within their own minds to whom they have given as much power as they have given to G-D.  This negative spirit is ascribed power and authority to keep them on the Horns of the Alter continually making sacrifices for something they have already been ‘forgiven’ of. Therefore, they limit themselves and the move of Spirit in their lives as they generate their own negative thoughts to create a spiritual being called devil or satan, that keep them from attaining the Promise of Inheritance!

Those who dwell within the Inner Court are not willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice or they THINK they have made it into the Holy Place.  They are not willing to make the adjustments and/or the  sacrifice that would allow them to enter the Holy Place where the real redemptive work of the  Spirit begins to transform as one eats of the Show Bread—the Bread of Presence,  while dining at the Masters table being illumed and perfected with Light from the seven-pronged Menorah.    The number seven represents perfection and completion.  The seven prongs depict the Body of Christ’s.  The Menorah, which holds the oil illuminating and burning bright, represents Light and Revelation.  Many will not enter into the Most Holy Place.

Many dwell at the singers Chambers just inside the Gate of the Inner Court ministering in song, praises and psalms while they THINK they have arrived and perhaps they have! Many will not receive this Revelation or pass beyond   the Alter of Incense to offer up that sweet odor of a crucified and untainted life as a Christ.  Many are the Called and few Chosen will enter into the Holy of Holies to become those Beams of Righteousness and Pillars of Truth as Overcomers.

Therefore, it behooves every individual to know his or her purpose, place and Course.  Not everyone will advance into the Inner Court.  This would mean that they would come into perfection in whatever duty they have been called.  The Inner Court is also known as or can be described as the General Assembly.  Within the General Assembly are they who minister in their own Order and Purpose to those who reside in the General Assembly and those who reside in the Outer Courts!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have not yet begun to live!

Apostle Rubie James

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